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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  September 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the record 96 within 1 degree we made it to 95 allentown 95. reading missing that record by 1 degree. trenton we tied the record. ac93 the high for today and wilmington we topped off at 94 degrees. the record 95. right now, it foles like 99 in philadelphia. 101 in trenton and wrightstown. 106 in dover because of the warm waters of the chesapeake keeping that humidity extremely high in central and southern delaware. heat advisory extended through tomorrow. it will feel like it's between about 100 and 105 degrees so once again, limit your time outside. take frequent breaks. this evening temperatures slowly falling through the 80s but look at this by 11:00 o'clock, still 82 degrees. it will stay warm into the overnight hours. so coming up we'll talk more about the heat wave. heat wave number seven gets underway tomorrow more record heat in store. we'll take look at our next chance for rain. we are well below average abnormally warm throughout most of the region. i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> all right, kathy, thanks.
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local kids just went back to school tis week. it will be a short week. the week getting shorter. early dismissals. >> our karen hepp shows us how things are too hot to handle for schools in the city. here at rhawnhurst school one of the many that does not have central air. a lot of kids are happy about having half day tomorrow. many of the parents are not. the kids have extra big bounces in their steps but for the parents who just got the children back to school and in routines, they're scrambling. >> now i have to figure out how to get out of work early, come and pick them up. because there's no after care when they come out early. >> reporter: leka minute ski teaches after care. her program has to get extra people for the extra hours. >> we find so find a sub to come in we're only staffed for our ratio. we have to -- we'll have to get somebody to come in and cover. >> reporter: one look at these cute smiling and sweaty faces you can see the problem it's
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really hot in schools without central air. open windows and fans just can't keep up. especially for children with health issues. parents think the district is make the right call. >> my son he has asthma, so i didn't know it was going to be this hot today. so tomorrow to get out at 12:00 o'clock which is a plus, because it's really extremely hot in there. >> i can't take the heat. i have asthma. so i can't take the heat. and she has asthma, too. >> reporter: the heat is hard on everyone when the grown ups carry umbrellas and pregnant moms are super uncomfortable some folks think the district should call a heat day. >> it should be closed the whole day as they would a snow day. it's hazardous. >> it's crazy. why it wasn't this hot over the weekend. >> half day tomorrow for all of the public schools and the archdiocese san schools in philadelphia and in some of our other communities as well. for more information and updates on the schools closing just come to from rhawnhurst, i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. all righty, karen.
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as karen mentioned remember tomorrow the philadelphia public and arch diocesan schools will dismiss students early because of the heat. same goes for 10 and and reading school district. don't forget you can beat the heat with our fox 29 weather app get your extended forecast and weather alerts sent straight to your phone. you will find it in u tunes and google play. most definitely not pennies from heaven but it was whole lot of pennies that led to big job to clean up this mess along i-9 i n route 141. 40,000 pounds of unstamped pennies spilled out after a tractor trailer overturn. it happened right around 2:00 in the morning. the driver escaped with only minor injuries. traffic in the area is now back to normal. in atlantic city officer shot over the weekend is improving at the hospital according to the police department. officer josh lee vadell is sitting up and talking after his ventilator was removed. the officer was responding to a robbery outside the caesar's casino garage when he was shot. another officer shot and killed
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a suspect. two others were arrested and charged. in delaware county police are asking for your help to figure out who is behind two recent shootings darby borough police say both of those shootings happened along north sixth street the most recent just last night. investigators say someone shot man in his 30s in the head. he's in critical condition. last month another man ended up shot and dead on the same stre street. police say it's time for the public to step up if you know who pulled the trigger in these shootings. i'm not and borrow council is not going to permit darby borough to turn into like other municipalities that it's shooting after shooting. i'm not having that. if i got to go to the mayor and ask for a state of emergency, i'll do it. >> police chief also warned people to be aware of their surroundings especially at night. he says if you see anything suspicious, you got to call 911. a look ahead to a fox 29 investigation. a gloucester county, new jersey, family real to go night not just
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because of the tragic loss of a loved one but also because of the horrific way they discovered some of her remains. jeff cole is working this startling tail and joins us in the newsroom with look ahead at this story coming up tonight at 10:00. >> reporter: susan faust was a mother a wife and worked as a bus aid for school children. she lost her live on busy road in winslow township late last year. what happened after her tragic passing has only deepened her family's grief. make shift memorial marks the spot where susan's family car flipped. small car it flipped. taking her life. debris from the decision december accident can still be seen in the area security camera video captured her car clipping another and heading off the road. but it's what her children found when they went to put up her memorial that has them angry at local officials and still mourning. >> what if a bystander or, you know, anybody was walking down the street and just found that on the road. what would come of that? you know what i mean? it's something how do you leave that
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how do you just leave that laying on the side of the road for anybody to find. >> reporter: now tonight the startling details of what they actually found. how could it have happened and what their going to tried to about it a full report tonight at 10:00. we certainly hope folks will want to take look at this. lucy back to you. >> we'll see you then, jeff. lancaster county woman faces charges to night in suffocation death of her two month old son. 28-year-old jessica harper's son died in july. he was sleeping with her. police say the fulton township boy suffocated and prosecutors ruled the baby's death a homicide. police say medical professionals warned harper not to have the baby sleep with her in bed. and that's because harper had another two month old die in similar way in 2011. her other children are now in the care of social services. police say the man who's behind prob robberies in rhawnhurst under arrest. officers responded to home along the 2,000 block of oakmont street where they say a man busted in and pistol whipped a
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guy. he got away with some stuff and cops say the same guy robbed a woman at gun point. police have not yet released his identity. in montgomery county, for two days running thieves have been breaking into vehicles. at least six victims have been become targets and had stuff stolen from their cars. >> the investigation underway in providence township tonight. our sabina kuriakose is live outside police headquarters. sabina? >> reporter: iain, this has been happening over the last couple of nights. now police are stepping up patrols. they sail the thieves have been doing something a little unusu unusual. >> papers all over the seat and like everything like ripped out. >> reporter: that night a year ago stands out in 18-year-old kyle phlegm pog's mind he grew up on this stretch of morning dove road in lower providence township where it's not a cliche to say everyone knows your name. so when thieves broke into his family's car, for kyle it was a rude awakening. >> kind of makes you feel like a little insecure. nothing is ever really safe.
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>> reporter: any other for long any way the break ins are back this time with new twist. township police say someone is busting through car windows and windshields using the garden stones neighbors here use as a point of pride to line their neatly trimmed lawns. the smash and grab spree among half dozen vehicle break ins over the last two nights. >> it's not exactly normal where you see smashed windows using garden stones. >> reporter: it happened on kyle's street early this morni morning. the vandals have struck across town, too. the cluster of village green lane long meadow road and lexington lane have all been targets. opportunity any of thes stealing everything from wallets to loose change according to authorities. striking between 2:00 and 4:30 in the morning as people here are tucked in bed. police think it might be a group of multiple thieves. they're stepping up patrols and warning car owners. >> parking in well lit areas around their house to secure their doors, lock your doors, and also to leave any valuables out of sight. >> now you have to worry about
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when you shut your door at night are you going to wake up to your window being smashed in? your valuables being gone? and violating your personal proper property. >> reporter: police say they are working several good leads. of course, if you know anything about these incidents you're asked to call authorities. iain, back to you. >> i'll take it sabina. in chester county police say have arrest add trio beyond a rash of car thefts. we told you about the search for them here last night. 20-year-old jeffrey recalls and another man face long of charges they worked with another teen to steal from dozens of cars across berwyn. now big shows in south philadelphia. tomorrow an organizers want you to be prepared for some traffic bruce springsteen will be playing citizen bank park tomorrow night at 7:30. half hour later a dell will take the stage at the wells fargo center. because of that, comcast spectators issuing a traffic advisory urging everyone not 10ing the shows to find another
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route. big crowd celebrating the opening of a brand nuvo occasional school in vineland, new jersey. officials cut the ribbon on the cumberland county technical education center. it sports 78 custom designed instructional spaces. costs $70 million much the school says this will help meet the urgent need for technically educated students in south jersey. >> new art exhibit open to the public what the exhibit reveals about philadelphia's wealthiest families over the years. and he was a pennsylvania congressman for years and now there's a navy ship being commissioned in john murtha's name. what the company, washington the captain of the ship was doing in philadelphia today. >> geeagles getting ready for te cleveland browns. the question is are they going to get the pro bowl rgiii. we'll break it down and talk to the players about what they expect later in sports.
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>> breaking news regarding the zika virus here in pennsylvania. state department of health announced pennsylvania's first case of zika virus transmitted by sex in statement the department says the person was traveling outside of the state in an area where the virus is. that person then came back to pennsylvania and passed the virus to another via sex. there's no word tonight on where in the state this happened. new exhibition open today at the philadelphia museum of art. classical splendor painted furniture of a grand philadelphia house features the custom made furniture from one of philadelphia's wealthiest families. the pieces were once inside the home of william and mary wong. benjamin henry letrobe designed these incredible pieces. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. kathy d we break record today? >> no. >> we didn't, okay. >> sore subject. >> i do have a quick question.
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seven heat waves f we actually attain this tomorrow will that be a record? >> i don't think it's going to be record but we did have over 40 days of 90-degree heat and we'll go through the record books and answer that exactly for you tonight, lucy at 10:00 o'clock but we've had other hot summers but this is one that we'll remember for very long time. not just the heat but the humidity. now the high temperature today, iain, made it to 95. the record 96 nearly an 80-year-old record we almost tied it. not quite close enough. 92 right now. wind out of the southwest at about 14 miles an hour. it will be humid you're talking oppressive humidity during the day tomorrow. high temperatures well into the 90s. so another day of potential record breaking heat. it will feel like 104 tomorrow. saturday 102 and then as the temperatures decline and the humidity declines, it will only feel like 86 on sunday that will be good for the eagles game and by monday, it will just feel like 81. more like september. waiting for some showers but there's not many out there. friday morning we'll watch a front to the north. slowly get a little bit closer.
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the poconos could see a few spot tow showers maybe few imbedded thunder showers by friday evening. and then a few showers to the north and west through the late night hours but other than that, not a lot of potential for rain. even saturday it will get close and we'll see some clouds, but i'm not expecting much. when we look at the forecast models from today through sunday, the numbers inch up to close to half an inch on our gfs model european model says not so much only about 210ths of an inch. even though we will be seeing some showers, possibly, it's not going to put enough of a dent in our drought deficit. sky scott has more on that. scott i know it's been abnorma abnormally dry through most of the summer. >> yeah, it really has. kathy, you have to head all the way back to july 25th that's when philadelphia saw over an inch of rain. so feels like temperatures heating up again tomorrow. and the latest drought monitor came in today. let's take look at the numbers across the delaware valley as we move toward the pocono
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mountains. you can see the yellow, also, along the i-95 corridor into parts of south jersey abnormally dry. about three and a half inches below where we should be for the year in the philadelphia area. so we need some rain. dry conditions. the winds are going to be picking up and the main culprits as we take a look at the latest allergy forecast ragweed along with grasses in the medium to high category by the upcoming weekend. although we will get break from the oppressive heat the wind will kind of help to below some of that pollen around keep that in mind. look at the 90-degree september days. so far this month two will likely add on few more before the month is over but last year we saw seven in the month of september. two in 2014. and one, 90-degree or better day back in 2013. kathy? >> wow. more fun scott. more to look forward to. we're looking at live picture of reading right now and you can see the skies some blue in there but humidity will continue to build over the next couple of days.
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even reading missing that record by 1 degree today. for tonight, temperatures will be falling through the 80s into the 70 in the city 77. the suburbs 70. tomorrow the high temperature a record high of 95 in philadelphia. the record 94 set back in 1884. these records just go back further and further. for kick off, for our birds, looking pretty good. some morning clouds. some morning humidity. but behind that front,. lower humidity and more comfortable temperatures. at 1:00 o'clock, 83. by 4:00 o'clock, 85. a northwesterly breeze will not have an impact on the play of the ball. i wish it would. i don't think so 96. cooler for sunday. monday and tuesday looking perfect few storms possible on wednesday and then much cooler by thursday. the high only 78 degrees. that's blow normal for a change. >> all right. big change. all right. thank you kathy. big day in germantown captain of the uss murtha in town today.
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the uss john p. murtha said to be commissioned next month. the captain of the ship was in town to visit a company that will have some of its equipment installed on the ship. the commissioning is the final event in the triad which brings a ship to life. the nfl is coming to life as we speak. >> aren't you happy. ready for some football. >> oh yeah. >> finally. eagles don't play until sunday we at least get something. at least get something. carolina panthers and the denver broncos play tonight. we'll take you through that super bowl row match and eagles may be in trouble if they're dealing with the old rgiii. the eagles work out with him in the off season. see what he had to say next in sports.
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donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. ♪ now that carson wentz is the start, quarterback the question is how do you create a formula for him to win? he hasn't played much but didn't look like they're actually going to baby himly most of the players expect him to be just fine but the truth of the matter is, the other guys are really going to be great in order for things to go right. wentz can prepare all he wants but the playbook will be limited because that's what you do for rookie quarterback the guys around him say if they do their jobs, it will make it not only easier for him but for everyone else. but the eagles need to worry a little more about this guy, robert griffin iii. we're giving hame second chance and he might actually be even better when he was in
6:24 pm
washington. that's what some of the players actually think. >> i trained for week down in houston are you rgiii. he's an impressive athlete. you know we were conditioning and running together and i know he's 100% healthy now and he's explosive as he's been. >> really worry about containing rgiii we're messed up obviously. i think if we do a good job being disruptive early creative negative plays and, you know, sacking the quarterback, i think we'll be good. >> you can start your season off with us on "game day live" at 10:00 a.m. former eagles linebacker gary cobb and i breaking down carson wentz and doug pederson's chances at wiping their first career. then after all of that we'll break down all carson wentz all doug pederson all eagles on sports sunday at 10:30 p.m. >> the season actually kicks off tonight. we have super bowl rematch right off the bat. denver broncos and carolina panthers square off tonight.
6:25 pm
broncos, well, they're starting rookie quarterback. we'll see how that goes and panthers trying to get little bit pay back for that devastating super bowl loss. tim tebow why is he back empty news again? he just won't stop. won't go away. the mets for some reason give him a minor league contract. his first game will be septemb september 9th and the full instructional league and again have i to say why? >> because it's money. >> why? >> it's money. they can make -- >> it's side show isn't exactly. if they can make money for him in the minor leagues they'll do it. >> how much money are they going to make in the minor leagues for the guys. >> exactly. >> here's my thing. why does it matter to you guys? why does it matter? >> because -- >> if he wants to do it, let him do it. it doesn't work. it doesn't work. >> guys have tried to play baseball their entire lives and he tried to play baseball a month ago. >> if you want to decide to play baseball, go for it, go for it. >> you go, sean.
6:26 pm
>> i don't have chance. >> if you wanted to do i'd say try it. if tim tebow wants to do it he's trying it. >> the problem -- >> he's not going to get to the big show. >> oink that. >> you think the us open will let me try out? >> sure, kathy. >> if you want to do it, you do it. >> i won't let them be little you for it. i promise you. >> final look at weather. >> it is going get warm here next couple of days for tennis or for golf or baseball or whatever you guys want to fight about. over the week and it will be quite warm but for the birds looking good on sunday, sean bell. looking good. lower humidity for the afternoon and then we cool it down. >> sounds good. >> that's good. we can all be happy about that. >> we should continue this on facebook. (laughter). >> facebook live. >> i won't mention it. >> we'll see you later tonight at 10:00.
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♪[ music ] matt lauer underfire. >> matt lauer in the crosshairs from all sides. >> there was a lack of preparation and a lack of follow up from lauer. >> and. >> i took it very seriously. >> was hillary clinton really wearing an ear piece? what this ear doctor is saying. and medical crisis for rosie o'donnell's daughter. what rosie is saying today. plus, tv anchor elizabeth vargas. her panic attacks when she anchored the news. >> my heart would start pounding. >> and her epic battle with alcoholism. >> you feel so horrible. >> and battle of the exes. he's in trouble for driving a truck packed with ammo through a tunnel. >> my life has been


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